Saturday, November 16, 2013

Hi everyone, how are you?

I hope you got the chance to check out my book, Landon and the Dragon, by now.

Landon and the Dragon, my children's ebook, is now on Amazon for more than 4 months!

It had some ups and downs, but I guess nothing too dramatic. It's pretty stable on little to no sales :)

That's why my goal is now more realistic than before I started with all of this. My new goal is - at least one sale a day!

I guess some of you can think it's a lot, and others might consider it as nothing, but for now it's my realistic goal. 

Yeah, sure, I prefer 100 or 10 a day, but 1 a day will be good for now.

Obviously there's not much profit. Before taxes I get about $0.33 per book. This means that even if I sell 3 books a day, it's just $1 a day before taxes.

I guess in some parts of the world I can buy a small meal with that...

Anyway, I just wanted to give you a small update from the Amazon KDP path. 

It's a path I'm taking with Landon and you guys, and obviously with the Dragon :) and other friends, too!

(This is Dawn, before and after Karen brought her to life.)

Thanks for reading!

I wish you a happy winter, or whatever weather you are going through right now!

Have a great day,
Joy Fridman

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Free Kindle eBook - Landon and the Dragon (13-15 of August 2013)

Landon and the Dragon ebook is already available on And now the book will be for FREE for three days from August 13 to August 15 (2013). It will start on 12:00 AM Pacific Standard Time. Just make sure that it is actually for free (it will show "price: $0.00").

I did one experiment with the free days. It was one day long, and I didn't tell (almost) anyone that it's going to happen. I just wanted to see how Amazon is promoting it without me. At the end of that day, 209 books were out there in people's iphones and kindles. I don't know if it's good or not, but next time I could compare and see.

Anyway, I hope you will get the free book on time, and share with your friends and whoever else might enjoy it. I will soon post a list of all the places I try to promote my book, so you can check them out and use them as well, if you find it good for you.

Thanks for reading
Joy fridman

(This cover is the latest version, what do you say  - is it better?)

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

First Book First - Landon and the Dragon ebook

Landon and the Dragon is my first ebook.
It's a children's book that tells the story of Landon's journey.

Landon is a little knight-boy. As all children he needs to deal with other children that make fun of him, shame and finding courage.

The idea for the plot came as a song for a child who was very afraid of his own power. Out of this song, and a few years later, the idea transformed into a children's book.

At the moment the book is only in digital version. You can see it on your computer, smartphone, and obviously your Kindle (if you have one).

I hope you will enjoy the book!

Joy Fridman

Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Making Of Ebooks - Joy Fridman's Books Blog

Hello everyone,

Welcome to my new blog!

On this blog I am going to share with you many things from the creative process (the making of) of making my books.

I will share my experience, successes and failures, of promoting and marketing my children's ebook.

Anyone interested in ebooks, children books, online promotions and the creative process of making such books....

You are very welcome to follow my blog and hopefully help\get inspired\use some of the ideas or just have fun.

Thank you
Joy Fridman