Saturday, November 16, 2013

Hi everyone, how are you?

I hope you got the chance to check out my book, Landon and the Dragon, by now.

Landon and the Dragon, my children's ebook, is now on Amazon for more than 4 months!

It had some ups and downs, but I guess nothing too dramatic. It's pretty stable on little to no sales :)

That's why my goal is now more realistic than before I started with all of this. My new goal is - at least one sale a day!

I guess some of you can think it's a lot, and others might consider it as nothing, but for now it's my realistic goal. 

Yeah, sure, I prefer 100 or 10 a day, but 1 a day will be good for now.

Obviously there's not much profit. Before taxes I get about $0.33 per book. This means that even if I sell 3 books a day, it's just $1 a day before taxes.

I guess in some parts of the world I can buy a small meal with that...

Anyway, I just wanted to give you a small update from the Amazon KDP path. 

It's a path I'm taking with Landon and you guys, and obviously with the Dragon :) and other friends, too!

(This is Dawn, before and after Karen brought her to life.)

Thanks for reading!

I wish you a happy winter, or whatever weather you are going through right now!

Have a great day,
Joy Fridman